Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Either excited or nervous, but can't decide.

Last week we finished up the last of our repro cases, and this week we move onto a block of neurology cases. I'm incredibly excited to learn about it, but completely intimidated at the same time. Since it's a short week, I don't really find out what our case is until tomorrow, so I'm kind of stumbling around tonight trying to guess at what is a good idea to study.

I had some friends come out and visit us last week, which was awesome. One of them is thinking about moving out here, so we may have a roommate soon.

We also went to Magic Mountain this weekend with one of my friends from school. We've decided that we need to schedule something awesome every couple weeks to keep from going crazy from not having lives outside of vet school. Ideas we came up with were the LA and San Diego Zoos, Sea World, and the LA museum. Disney, Universal and Knotts are also possibilities. Anybody have any other ideas for day-long distractions in the LA area?

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