Monday, January 24, 2011

I < 3 Mondays

No. Really.

Mondays are our short days at school. We have "grand rounds" from 8-9, which is when we kind of wrap up the last week's case, and look at another case that presents with similar signs.

Then from 9-11 we have PBL, and we get the first disclosures for our new case. This week's case, by the way, is a horse with a unilateral facial paralysis.

Mondays are when I can spend a huge chunk of time researching the basic anatomy and physiology of the case we're on. And since it's such a short day, I can also sneak in a nap somewhere, since I'm never smart enough to get to sleep at a decent hour. Last week we had Monday off, and it threw me off all week.

On a completely different note, I'm a little bit annoyed. My sister-in-law is in Tunisia teaching English. If you watch the news, Tunisia just had a bit of a revolution, and she's living in the thick of it. She's also stubborn (in a good way,) and didn't leave when the American Embassy suggested it. I understand not wanting to abandon you're new family in a place where you feel you belong. But when there's rioting and violence, it'd be nice if she updated her facebook page to let the people here know she's ok. (To be fair, she did. But she hasn't since Wednesday. Grrr.)

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