Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Green Eyed Monster Rears its Ugly Head

A month or two ago, my sister sent me this link for a reality show. They were looking for Americans with Swedish ancestory to apply for the show that will be shot in Sweden. I clicked on that link so many times, and talked myself out of it each time. My sister, Kirstin ended up applying. And made it through round after round of cuts. She found out yesterday that she has an interview in LA in a couple weeks. I got a little (well, a lot) jealous, and was kicking myself for never applying. I went to their site, and they were still taking applicants! I made it through the first few rounds of cuts, and I have a phone interview tomorrow! What could be cooler than the possibility of my sister and I annoying the shit out of each other in Sweden this summer? I'm not getting my hopes up yet - I know I can be quiet, and reserved, and that doesn't make for good TV, but I have no problems dolling up and letting the freak flag fly, if it will get me to Scandinavia.

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