Monday, March 28, 2011

How Swede it is

Spring break's over, and I was thinking we would be jumping into a cardiology case this week, but I guessed wrong. We have a dermatology case with an itchy dog, so I don't feel too bad for not studying enough cardiology over spring break. After I got out of class, I got a phone call from Sweden setting up an interview in LA on Friday April 8th for The Great Swedish Adventure. After I got the phone call from Sweden, I got a call from the producer in LA to do the phone interview (I think they got their steps backwards!) They said they had over 1,000 people apply for the show, they looked more closely into 200, and they're only interviewing 40 in person. I don't know how many they're chosing for the show, but they loved the sibling aspect. I lucked out, in that my interviewer is in love with dobermans, and she said that my pups were what first caught her eye. The only downside is I will have to miss one class on that Friday to make the interview, but I'm really hoping that my professor will understand that it's not every day you have a possibility to get a free trip to Scandinavia. I'm keeping my fingers crossed!

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