Saturday, April 2, 2011

Open House II

Ok, so open house was today. It started off with me getting ready to leave the house, and my roommate seeing me in my red open house shirt (it has the vet med logo on the front, and on the back say says "volunteer" and has a purina logo on it. So my roommate looks at my shirt and asked if I joined the Bloods. It was a good thing I hadn't just taken a drink of anything, because it caught me so off guard, and I started laughing so hard, I would have done a spit-take. So I told him, yes, I did, and the gang is now sponsored by Purina. Open house wasn't terrible. The 2nd years warned us about how terrible the little kids were last year, and how their parents were worse. We didn't have problems with that at all. I did have some fun messing with some of the more squeamish scouts, though. Pathology Club had a booth, where in order for the scouts to get their stickers, they had to reach into a box, and describe what they were feeling. A couple of them were really nervous about doing it without seeing what was inside first. Instead of letting them peek, I'd say things like "there's nothing in there that will bite." "No, it's not alive." One girl finally got up the guts to reach in, felt the squishy stress ball that was in there and exclaimed "Oh! I thought there was going to be a dog head in there!" All in all, it wasn't unpleasant. Path club made a decent amount of money selling nachos and icecream, there were a couple really bright little kids who were honestly interested in what we had to say (and some really obnoxious hyperactive snotnoses as well,) so I made sure to really talk to the ones who were actually interested, and answered all their questions. I also overheard some pre-vet students who said something along the lines of "Man! I thought Davis was nice when I visisted there, but I really want to go here now!" Haha, score one for the little guy! (Nothing against Davis. I would never go there, but only because they required 2 semesters of organic chemistry, and orgo is the devil.) Anyway, it's over, and it was pretty fun.

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