Sunday, April 17, 2011

This is not conducive to studying

I went to the renaissance fair in Irwindale yesterday with some friends from school, and as a result, didn't get any studying done yesterday. I figured I'd set aside all day today to get stuff done, and everything's conspiring against me to prevent that from happening. I finished some assignments that are due next week, and when I went to print them, my printer kept saying it was out of black ink. It's not. There's ink in the cartridge, but it's a Lexmark, so they've put a chip in the cartridge to cripple it after x number of pages to drive up their sales. Luckily, my roommate got home, and pulled his printer out of a box so I could print my assignments. Over the summer I need to figure out how to hack the chips so I don't have to fall prey to Lexmark's greed. After spending about an hour messing with the printer, I sat down to start getting some reading done. My jerk next-door-neighbors have been having a party all day, but it wasn't loud until I started to read. All of a sudden, they cranked their music, which they do on a regular basis, until it was so loud that it is literally shaking my house. So my roommate put his stereo in his window, facing their house, and it blaring death metal at them to try to get them to shut off their shitty mariachi. They don't seem to care, because unlike normal, considerate people, they don't seem to realize that maybe their loud crap isn't appreciated by their neighbors. I'm basically stuck in the middle of a passive-aggressive loud music war. I found directions online for how to build an electromagnetic pulse gun from an old microwave, and if I weren't pretty sure that it would be illegal, it would be really tempting to build one, just so I could disable their speaker system whenever they pull this crap. Probably not going to post much this week, but I should find out by Thursday whether or not I got onto the TV show this summer. I'll update when I find out.

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