Monday, April 25, 2011


Tyler's birthday was yesterday, so after he got off work, we headed down to Hollywood to watch Amon Amarth. They're a metal band from Sweden, and instead of being just "death metal" or "black metal," they invented their own genre - "viking metal." All of their songs are about Thor, and Valhalla, and pillaging villages. Good times.

We got there pretty early - about 7:30. The line was so long to get into the venue, it stretched about 5 city blocks, and took us about an hour and a half to actually get inside.

But once inside, the show was amazing. There was no opening band. Instead, Amon Amarth played one set consisting of their brand new album in it's entirity, then a short intermission followed by a set of their older music. It was amazing.

I was hoping that since there wasn't an opening band, and the tickets said it started at 8:30, that I'd get home around midnight, but it didn't quite work that well. I ended up getting home at 3, and didn't get into bed until almost 4. Woke up at 7, powered through 3 hours of class, came home, passed out for a few hours, and then got to studying.

Now I'm reading about what could cause a chronic cough in a 60 pound scottie. I'm also baffled at how a scottie could get up to 60 pounds (normal should be about 20-30) without somebody standing back and saying "I think my dog's getting a little big."

I think this is our last respiratory/cardio case of the year. I'm guessing next week's case will be either an infectious disease, or a heard health case. Then finals! Where did the time go?

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