Sunday, May 1, 2011

Summer's looming around the corner

I've got one more week of class, then a week and a half of finals. Eek, I'm *thisclose* to being 1/4 of the way through vet school!

I've been trying to catch up on topics I may have missed, while reviewing previous cases all weekend. It certainly feels like there's so much to be done, and not enough time.

Speaking of not enough time, I'm pretty angry about something. Last week, we had a group assignment due. We basically had to answer 8 questions, and email the answers to the instructor. I answered 2 of them and emailed them to the rest of my group, figuring each person would pick one or two to answer, and the last person to finish would turn it in. No big deal, right? Well, aparently some of the people in my group didn't take it seriously, and copy-pasted from the internet. The instructor ran everybody's assignments through a plagiarism checker, and 7 group's assignments between our class and the 2013's flagged for copied work. Friday, each group had to go through their essays and if something was flagged, people had to take credit for it if they did it. You would think that the reasonable thing to do would be to just get the people who copied, right?

I guess not. They're making everybody in each group attend some 2 hour class on Monday about correctly citing sources. Monday's my big day for getting studying done. And the jerks in my group just stole at least 2 hours of it from me. During week 8. The worst part? Most of the people who have been guilty of plagiarism have been on the dean's list. Makes you wonder about how they got there.

And then to make the whole thing even more irritating, the people who have been guilty of plagairism have been completely unapolagetic about it. They've been bitching and moaning about how they "didn't understand the assignment," or how they didn't think the instructor would read it. How the hell do you get through undergrad and into a professional school without realizing that maybe copying shit off the internet is a bad idea? Or without feeling guilty that your terrible choices just screwed the honest people in your group out of valuable study time right before finals?

One of my close friends in another group had two people who's answers got flagged. One person didn't paraphrase a sentance or two well enough, and has been apologizing profusely the whole week. The other copied a paragraph from THE INSTRUCTOR'S OWN PAPER, and hasn't once apologized. The apologetic one suggested that they do the majority of the "learning issues" for their group next week as a way of making it up to people. The upapologetic one apparently asked in a snotty voice "why would we do that?" I'm surprised my friend had the restraint not to bitch-slap her for that remark. However, during the meeting on Friday, the snotty-needs-a-bitchslap girl from my friend's group asked what the reprocussions would be for those admitting to plagairism. Before the faculty could even answer her question, she starts breaking out in these huge heaves of tears. Seems she's only concerned about the consequences when they affect her.

Oh, and to make things even more annoying, the mandatory class tomorrow is from 3-5. Tyler works at 2. Which means I can either waste an hour each way to drop him off, then pick him up from work, further cutting into my time, or I can get stranded on campus from 2-10, or if I'm lucky, I can find somebody willing to go out of their way to give me a ride.

I'm ready for summer.

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