Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Year 1 finished!

That's right! I just finished up my last test, and that means I'm 1/4 of the way to becoming Dr. Karin!

The past week has been brutal. Finals started tuesday, with a test covering our first 4 cases of the quarter. Wednesday covered laboratory animal law and ethics. Thursday was (my nemesis,) the practical exam. It covered 8 cases worth of anatomy, histology, pathology, pharmacology radiology and parasitology. Friday was our clinical exam (mostly hands on stuff) and then molecular and cellular biology. Monday covered the last 4 cases of the block, and today was the ACT, a brutal 2 hour written test where they give you a case, and you have to come up with 2 differential diagnoses, describe the pathophysiology behind them, and why they're causing a certain clinical sign, and how you would test to rule them in or out. It's hard to study for, since it could cover anything clinical sign caused by any disease that is allergy, respiratory or cardiac related. So you just kind of study everything, and hope for the best. I lucked out. The case involved something that I have researched the hell out of, due to this guy:

Anyway, done with finals. Tomorrow I can go in and find out my grades on the two tests that covered the cases. It will be a few weeks until I found out how I did on today's test, which should be pretty freaking well. We're graded on our language, and I remembered to put "erythrocyte" instead of "red blood cell," and "doberman pinscher" instead of "dooberpoop."

Summer plans? I've got a couple. I enrolled in a Neurology course (for funsies.) I need to find a job so I don't end up homeless before next school year starts. I need to really take the P90x thing seriously, since vet school makes you fat (sitting around reading and studying all day + stress eating = chunky Karin). I also need to work on my business plan for that idea I had a few weeks ago, because if I can make it work, there's a metric buttload of money in it. Also, I'm not sure how well this is going to go, but I'm going to try to write a book and publish it on Kindle. I figure if I can write something and charge $4 for it, people may be willing to give it a shot, and if I go through amazon, you get to keep a big chunk of what they charge, so it might be worth a shot.

Anyway, now that I don't really know what to do with myself, since I don't have to study anything right now, I think I'm going to go celebrate with some friends, and see just how many of those new neural connections that I've made over the past year can be broken. :)

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