Monday, May 30, 2011

A quickie

A couple months ago I applied to a reality show, The Great Swedish Adventure, along with my sister. We were both turned down. A few days ago, my sister got a call from the producers - they had somebody bail out at the last minute and needed a replacement. Right about now, she should be landing in Copenhagen. I'm excited for her, and curious to download the show when it's available.

Meanwhile, I'm stuck here in Pomona. I've been applying for jobs like crazy, and not having much luck. I had an interview at Petsmart, but haven't heard back from them. Most places I've talked to don't seem to want somebody who will only be around for a few months. I've talked to a couple vet clinics that have basically told me to re-apply once I've graduated. Which would be great, if I were planning on staying in the area after I graduated, or didn't need a job NOW. Grr.

I stopped by Tuesday Morning a few days ago, and found the world's cutest dog toys.

Unfortunately, they're stuffed toys, and it's been a few days, so they've been reduced to shreds, but damn, they were adorable while they lasted.

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