Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Last Clinical Rotation of the Year

Yep. Today was my last one for this school year. I spent the morning on VACS (the mobile veterinary clinic my school owns that does a lot of low-cost spay/neutering.)

I spent the morning doing physical exams on some dogs, and placing catheters. Next year when I come back, my VACS rotations will be in the afternoons, so instead of prepping patients for surgery, I'll be scrubbing in and assisting. Squee!!!

Tomorrow's my last PBL session of the year. Apparently vet school functions as some sort of crazy time machine - there's no way a whole school year has almost passed! And if next year goes as quickly as this one, I'll be doing rotations in no time.

Anyway, the blog will probably be a little neglected until finals are over. Maybe a freakout post or two, but don't expect any interesting updates.

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