Friday, December 9, 2011

The finals fog is starting to clear

Last block, for midterms we had 7 tests crammed into one week.  For finals this time around, we've got 6 tests spread out over a week and a half.  (Tuesday-Friday of this week, then Monday and Tuesday of next week.)  I must say, it's so much more laid back and relaxed this way.

So far this week, I've taken the first VBS exam (140 multiple choice questions over the first 4 cases of the block), the practical exam (histology, anatomy radiology, toxicology, pathology and parasitology), vet issues (our law/ethics class,) and clinical skills. The first two I'm not feeling so great about, but the last two I'm not at all worried about.  However, the day of the practical, I was getting really annoyed, because I kept blanking random words - related to the test and completely unrelated to school.  For instance, blanking the word "clove" in regards to garlic, and deciding that "lobule" was a good substitute.  Sometimes I get paranoid and am convinced there's a subconscious part of my brain that gets a sick pleasure from randomly purging bits of data.

Anyway, two left - the second VBS test, which covers the last 4 cases of the block, and molecular and cellular bio.  I'll be huddled up all weekend reviewing male and female repro.  Two more days of tests, and I'm done for the semester.  I'm sure my pets are getting sick of getting neglected during exam week.

Oh, I also found out why the ACT exam we took at midterms took so long to get graded.  Apparently, out of the entire staff, only two people were grading them.  I feel really bad for the two faculty members that had to plow through 200 of those.

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