Thursday, December 1, 2011

I am easily amused.

According to my pathology book, there is a disease of sheep foreskin called "pizzle rot."  I can't stop giggling at the name.  Because apparently, deep down, I'm 12.

I had a rather interesting lab in school today - we had to do an equine rectal exam on a model, which was basically a horse butt on one end, and realistic rubber organs on the other side.  We had to talk our professor through a rectal exam from start to finish, as we were doing it - having never done one before.  After we did the exam, we could go on the other side of the horse, and watch the next person.  After doing it blind, it was really cool to be on the other side.  Here's a similar one I found online.  

For our clinical skills class, our professor decided to do something fun, and bought us build-a-bears to practice suturing on.  Then she turned it into a competition that will be judged tomorrow over who can decorate their bear the best.  I spent the afternoon making internal organs for my group's bear.  I tried to take pictures, but it's really hard to see.  It was a fun way to de-stress and waste 2 hours.  

The video below has been circulating on facebook for the past week or so. Haha, it's just a funny way to promote spay and neuter, right?  Here's a thought process... try re-watching the video, only instead of when she says "balls" or "testicles," replace it in your head with "labia," and pretend it's a guy instead of a supermodel talking. (Ok, I know that replacement doesn't exactly work, but since our gonads are internal, I'm just choosing an external piece of female anatomy at random.)  That video's suddenly not so funny, is it?  It's an interesting double standard.

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