Thursday, October 7, 2010

I survived!

4 days of really hard exams are now done with, and all I have tomorrow is my clinical skills exam, which I think should be cake. I'm pretty sure its stuff like "What are the AAHA vaccine guidelines?" and "Demonstrate how to put a halter on this stuffed horse." A nice break after this week. I think I find out on Tuesday how I did on all my exams. I'm not shooting for A's here. I just hope I passed.

The other exam I haven't really mentioned this week is a take-home written exam for my vet issues class. Its basically an essay about the issues facing the profession. Its due tomorrow, and I put off writing it to study for everything else, so I finally got around to writing it earlier this afternoon. It did spawn the best conversation ever between me and Tyler. I'd probably go crazy with school if he wasn't around to make me laugh.

Me: What should I write about for my Vet Issues midterm?

Tyler: What do you have to write about?

Me: Challenges facing veterinary medicine today.

Tyler: What's today?

Me: October 7th.

Tyler: Why don't you write about how all the veterinary practices waited too long to place a new glove order, and now they're worried about if they should go to walgreens and buy a few boxes, or wait for their order to ship.

Me: Why's that a challenge?

Tyler: Because they don't want to have too many gloves, and have to find a place to put all the extras if they drive to walgreens and buy some, but then their order comes in tomorrow, but they don't want to run out if the damn FedEx guy screws them again. 'Cause then they'll have to start getting creative, and start wrapping their hands in saran wrap, or something.

Me: And how would today's students be able to help with that challenge?

Tyler: You could stop pestering me, and go buy some people some gloves or something. Do something actually useful.

Me: Oh, I see. And what challenges are going to face the profession in the future?

Tyler: Well, tomorrow they're going to have to learn how to do surgery with their hands wrapped in saran wrap. (He then smooshes his hands together and starts to do the robot.) That'll be the issue with the vet profession on October 8th!

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