Tuesday, October 12, 2010


I was freaking out pretty badly about midterms earlier today. I passed the class I was worried about, and while I didn't ace it, I don't have to freak out anymore. I also know what things I need to change with my studying, so next time around I can totally kick butt on the tests, instead of settling for less. And since I've officially passed midterms, and block 2 is starting, that means I'm 1/16th of the way through vet school!

Tomorrow I get to do a bovine rectal palpation lab, and its in our anatomy lab, so I'm assuming cadaver rectal palpation. That's right, it sounds like I'll be arm deep in dead cow butt,* and I still feel like the profession I'm entering is one of the most glamourous in the world.

Also, tomorrow we start a new case, this time with a completely new PBL group. Everybody in my new group seems super nice, but I think I'll automatically always feel my first PBL group was the best PBL group. I better get over it, 'cause I'm with the new group for the next 8 weeks.

*I feel like it beats a live one having to tolerate students learning on it, and Western's WAVE program assures all cadavers used are ethically sourced.

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