Wednesday, October 27, 2010

I probably shouldn't admit to this...

Have you ever heard of the term "food porn?" Don't worry, it's not actually porn. It's basically professionally shot photos of gourmet food, that the foodies refer to as "food porn."

Well, I have my own version of "vet porn". Even a few years ago when I was finishing up my bachelor's degree, I would spend hours on DVM360's hospital design gallery, and its no different now. Sure, all the hospitals showcased are million dollar multi-doctor practices. After paying off my loans, I'll be lucky if I can buy some small one-doctor space with old 70's and 80's technology, if I can own my own clinic at all. One can always dream, right? Even more embarassing than spending time daydreaming about theoretical practices I could one day own, is I also already have multiple blueprints and a logo already designed. I also have plans on how to incorporate said logo into the paint job on a theoretical 1967 ambulance that I also do not own, but plan to restore, and park outside said imaginary clinic instead of normal signage. So, yeah. I'm a dork. But hopefully over the years I'll turn out to be enough of a business savy dork to make it work.

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