Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Kitties galore

At school, we FINALLY have a cat case! I figured since we've been doing kidney and urinary tract cases for the past few weeks once we finally got a cat case it would end up being a blocked male cat, but no go. This week we've got a jaundiced cat, so I'll be delving into the world of biliruben, gallbladders and liver.

Speaking of kitties - I'm becoming convinced that they've planted some sort of homing beacon in my yard. Friday, I heard this pathetic frantic mewing, only to find a filthy little kitten under my car. I'm pretty sure you know where this leads. (And if you guessed that I now have 14 cats under my roof, you'd be correct.)

I'm pretty sure it breaks down like this: 1 or 2 cats, and you're a "cat person." 3-5 cats, and you're a "cat enthusiast." 6+ cats, and you're a crazy cat lady. 14 cats..... well, I'm pretty sure that puts me straight into straight jacket territory.

Tyler gets back into town tomorrow. I'm sure he enjoyed having his band fly him out for a week in Colorado and playing a show. I'm just happy he'll be back - with the exception of when his band went on tour, this is the longest we've been apart. Wednesday he starts his new job. I can't wait until he starts bringing in a paycheck. My student loans are tapped. You get enough in loans to cover your living expenses - if you don't have your roommates back out on you and stick you with twice as much rent as you were expecting, or if you don't end up supporting another person while they take 4 months to find a job. As long as I can figure out how to get us through this month, I shouldn't have to spend half my time figuring out how I'm going to pay bills anymore, and actually direct more of that energy towards studying.

Either the second or third week of classes, I tried to sign up with the LEAD office for tutoring. I never heard back from them until this weekend. They've finally lined me up with a couple tutoring groups - one for anatomy, and one for everything else. Our anatomy group met for the first time today. I don't know what it is about my tutor, but her energy's contageous. Somehow I left the group today actually *excited* about the subject. Hopefully I can keep this up.

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