Sunday, November 21, 2010

"Avian Techniques"

Friday we had something on our schedule that was only labeled "Avian Techniques." I showed up to the anatomy lab first thing in the morning, to find a bunch of chickens laid out for us. We got to practice placing feeding tubes, bandaging wings, flushing nostrils, swabbing crops, and placing emergency breathing tubes into their air sacs. All in all, the lab was pretty awesome except for one thing - the chickens were dead, but their mites weren't. They won't live on people, but they will crawl on you before they lose interest - and after getting a couple mites on my arms, I spent the rest of the day paranoid about it and itchy.

I'm assuming since next week's a short week, and we had the chicken thing that our next case will be a bird. I really don't feel like I know much at all about birds, and I'm down for anything related to them.

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