Monday, November 22, 2010

Duck, Duck, Duck......

So our bird case this week is turning out to be a bacterial disease of ducks that affects the females and egg hatchability. Since it was a reproduction-related case, it reminded me of an impressive anatomical feature of ducks. Their giant corkscrew penises. I told my group about it when we were discussing the case. They didn't seem impressed. So I told some of my friends from the last group I was in, and they thought it was hilarious. Of course, this is the same group of people that looked at me askance when I told them about iguanas having two penises (hemipenes.) I blame for most of my knowlege of weird animal penises.

And something that totally made my day - we had our vet issues class today, and at the beginning of class, they announced that they had a special guest - Dr. Khuly of Fully Vetted.

When I applied to WesternU, we had these supplemental essay questions we had to write about, and one of them was basically "Who do you admire, and why?" I wrote about Dr. Khuly, and how I love how open and honest she is with the general public in her blog about how the veterinary profession works. Its through her blog that I've learned about some issues in the profession I wouldn't have known about for quite some time otherwise. Her blog is one of the big reasons this blog exists.

She ended up just sitting through the last couple group presentations of ethical issues, and got to see our class dressing up, acting out skits, and being silly. Unfortunately, I guess she talked to the 2nd years, but just sat through our embarassingly lame ethics presentations. I was tempted to go up to her after class got out and go all fangirl on her, but I decided against it. Now I'm wishing I had.

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