Saturday, November 13, 2010

What happened to this semester?

I'm not kidding. I remember a long two months before midterms. Somehow, there's only 3 weeks until finals... and it doesn't seem like its been 5 weeks since our last test. I don't know whether to be slightly terrified that it seems like everything's whizzing by so fast, or pleased, because at this rate, 3 1/2 years will pass in what seems like a blink of the eye.

Remember that paleopathology talk I mentioned a couple months ago? I'm kicking myself for not being more proactive. One of my friends emailed the veterinary pathologist afterwards, and is volunteering with her to prepare T-Rex histo slides. My green-eyed monster is making its presence known, and I have nobody to blame but myself.

When I picked Tyler up from work today, I found a fun, albeit slighty evil way of starting a conversation with him. I asked "Guess how many cats we have today?" and the look on his face was priceless, before he asked how many more I dragged in. I actually took the older litter + the one I found under my car into the humane society today. They were all slightly over 2 pounds, and the woman I talked to there said they had a pretty good chance of being adopted. I really hope so, 'cause I was getting pretty attached to those buggers.

My younger litter is getting adorable. I think they're 6 weeks old now. They're running around like psychos, and generally just being trouble. The good kind. So if you or anyone you know is looking for a furry ball of awesome, they should be ready to go home mid-December. Otherwise, I'll have to resort to such tactics as sticking them in classmate's mailboxes, or flying home with them, putting bows on them, and passing them off as christmas presents.

In completely-unrelated-to-school news, I've got two awesome shows to go to in the next few weeks. Dimmu Borgir is playing the Fox theater right next door to campus the last week of November. Every time Dimmu came through when we lived in Colorado, something always happened so Tyler could go, and I couldn't. Either I was working nights, or we were too broke to go, and a friend slipped him an extra ticket. This time, they just released a new album, and I'm going, damnit. The other show I'm excited about is the Dresden Dolls. They broke up a few years ago, then Amanda Palmer did her solo album while she battled Roadrunner Records for owning her life. She finally got out of her contract with the label, the Dresden Dolls are getting back together for a renunion tour, and they just added a show in San Diego at the end of December. This will probably be my one and only chance to see the Dolls live, so I'm jumping on it.

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  1. I wish I could have a kitty here or I would definitely take one of yours. :( Stupid landlord. Stupid lease.