Wednesday, November 17, 2010

I don't know why I was thinking about this earlier today, but the geology geek in me is a little bummed out that we've only experienced one (very unimpressive) earthquake since we moved here. Come on, N. American and Pacific Plates, impress me!

Anyway, this week our case centers around a cat with increased appetite and weight gain - and everything seems really straightforward and easy to grasp. Which makes me really suspicious that either they're going to throw us a big curveball on Friday, or that I'm missing something really obvious.

Friday we have a lab on avian techniques. I'm guessing its going to be avian handling. Maybe next week, since its a short week for Thanksgiving, we'll have a bird case? And how is next week Thanksgiving anyway? What happened to November?

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  1. The idea of handling turkeys right before eating them... I hope it's comical, because it certainly has the ability to be.

    You saw I had my first minor earthquake? I saw the couch I was sitting on and the one next to me wiggle a little. The kids noticed nothing.