Saturday, October 9, 2010

My car got hit by a drunk crossdresser

Now that I've gotten your attention with that awesome headline, here's what happened.

Tyler and I were sitting on the front porch. Our car was parked in front of the house, and there was another car parked in front of the neighbor's yard. Somebody got in the other car, and pulled forward, and parked behind my car, but the way they were driving looked "off," so I whipped out my camera phone. They backed up to their old spot, then started to pull forward again, and it was really jerky. They then decided to pull forward another couple feet into the back of my parked car.

After witnessing this moment of absolute stupidity, I kind of lost my lid, and ran over, and started screaming at the kid that was driving. They got out of their car, which is when I realized that I wasn't yelling at a teenage girl, I was yelling at a teenage guy, who I assumed was an emo kid.

Tyler ran inside to grab the car keys so we could pull our car forward to look at the damage, and I asked guy to stay put. He kept apologizing, and saying he was drunk. He decided to get back in the car and back up, ran over the curb in the process, and stayed in his car. I wasn't sure if he was going to take off, so I called the cops. Before the cops showed up, he gave me his phone number, then wandered back to the party he was at. It was then that I realized that he wasn't an emo kid - he was wearing a mini skirt and cowboy boots. Once I realized he was a crossdresser and not an emo kid, I felt pretty bad about the screaming and calling the cops.

The police showed up, asked what was going on, and drove around the block to break up the party. While they were driving around, he and his friend got back into the car and tried to hide by crouching in the front seat. I told the officer what was going on, and that they were in the car. After asking for more information, which revealed I had a Colorado driver's liscense, she basically was like "As I'm SURE you know, this is a dangerous place to live." I told her that I wasn't out to get a poor little teenager, that I had called them to make sure he wouldn't drive off, since he was pretty sloshed. She asked me something along the lines of "so you basically just want liscense and insurance information then?" and I told her yes. She then asked us to go inside so "people wouldn't know we were the ones that called". Tyler and I really got the vibe that they were annoyed with US for calling them for a the accident, and that they felt like we were risking retribution for calling on something so "minor".

We went inside as requested, and kept peeking at the action through the blinds. They pulled the two kids out of the car, gave them a roadside sobriety test, and put his friend, the one who wasn't driving, into the back of the squad car. A tow truck showed up and towed the car off. I then watched them let the guy who hit my car go, and get picked up by some of his friends. I figured they would get more information from us, or something, or let us know what was going on, but nothing. They just drove off.

So I guess tomorrow I have to call my insurance company. I don't have the guy's name, insurance or anything (since the cops asked us to go inside, then didn't talk to us afterwards,) but I have the video of him hitting the car, and photos that include the liscense plate to what he said was his friend's car.

I'm just kind of weirded out by the way they handled it - I just got this whole "you don't belong here, outsider" vibe. I never got a terrible vibe off of my neighborhood before - its seemed like a poor neighborhood thats been undergoing recent gentrification, but I've never felt at risk here. However, that officer's line about "I'm sure you've noticed this is a dangerous place" is bothering me. Was she trying to scare us? Was she trying to warn us that as naive white outsiders that we were being dumb by calling the cops? Is it actually a bad neighborhood, and we suck at judging these things?

Now I'm torn between feeling bad about making some poor teenage crossdresser's night hell, and hoping that the sobriety test, and 3 cop cars was enough to scare him from ever getting behind the wheel drunk again. Tyler's being all paranoid that we just painted targets on our backs by calling the cops, and I'm kind of weirded out by the whole conversation with the police.

Between this and the constant influx of stray cats, this neighborhood sure has provided me with a lot to write about.

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