Wednesday, August 25, 2010

An unexpected twist

In PBL today, we got our genetic test back for our horse. It turns out that the genetic disease that made sense for his pedegree and symptoms wasn't the problem. *sigh* back to reading.

We also had a "club day" during lunch. All the clubs set up booths, sold random stuff and food, and recruited members. I ended up joining the Zoo, Wildlife, Exotic and Conservation club, the pathology club, and I'll probably end up joining the student chapter of the AVMA and the emergency and critical care clubs as well.

Yesterday, I had my first morning at Banfield. Did a physical exam on a boxer, ran bloodwork, and did a blood differential. Not a whole lot for being there for 4 hours, but it beats sitting through a lecture. I think I have 3 more clinical experiences before midterms: one with VACS, our school's mobile spay/neuter van, one with sheep and ruminants, and one with horses. One of the vets that was teaching us exam skills was telling us how jealous he is of the early exposure we're getting. He said he was super excited when he went to vet school, because he finially got to touch a cat his third year.

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