Thursday, August 26, 2010

Struggles with the inland empire humane society

During the last day of orientation for school, I came home to find a letter hanging on my doorknob from the inland empire humane society (the group that covers Pomona and a bunch of other cities,) basically saying "leave a check and rabies certs for all your pets, for when we come back by tomorrow, or we'll slam you with late fees" So I found the cat's rabies certificates, wrote a check, and left it hanging on the front door. The next day, when I came back from the white coat ceremony, there was an invoice for all the critters, saying they still needed rabies certs for the dogs. About a week later, I got a letter in the mail saying that I owed late fees, plus they wanted to charge me the "unfixed" fee for each of my pets. I also still needed proof of rabies for my dogs.

Well, when I vaccinated my dogs last year, I forgot to print out rabies certificates. No big deal, but I since I didn't print them, I couldn't call work and ask them to print them retroactively. So I made an appointment with school for the first day they were available to get my dogs re-vaccinated.

Today was the first day that they could get me in, that I had a few hours off from class. I got the dogs re-vaccinated, got rabies certificates, and sent Tyler to the humane society to straighten it out while I was in class.

Apparently, the girl he talked to was a complete dick about the whole thing. She kept insisting that she needed spay and neuter certificates for each of the pets to prove they were fixed. Fair enough, except I don't think our clinic even offered such a thing. I didn't have "certificates" of their reproductive status, but I did send him with their freaking MEDICAL RECORDS, that document each of the surgeries. They wouldn't accept the medical records as proof of being sterilized. Then Tyler mentioned that the late fee was bogus - we had complied with their liscensing request, and it was within 30 days of moving here, even though we weren't able to iron everything out until today. The bimbo he talked to gave him the business card of the person to talk to, even though the person was right there in the office, and she could have just let Tyler talk to him then and there. Tyler wasn't sure how to proceed, so he waited to call until I got out of class - and now he's out for the day.

I guess I'm driving down there on Saturday to try to iron it out. But if I strangle somebody there, you all know why.

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