Saturday, August 21, 2010

Feeling pretty good

Yesterday was pretty awesome.

In the morning, we had a couple hours to practice clinical exams on some of the faculty member's dogs. I got to hear a heart murmer on an older lab mix. I found a skritchy spot on a norwitch terrier that made it try to scratch with both legs at the same time, so it just ended up with its butt bouncing on the table. Best of all was when I went to do an exam on a min-pin mix. I walked up to the table it was on, and said hello to the dog. It ran over to me and licked my face, with its little nubbin wagging like crazy. The vet who owned it said "that's really bizarre. He never warms up to new people that quickly!" He then proceeded to growl at all of the other students that approached him, but would then turn around and give me kisses. Win!

In our PBL group, we had to present what we would tell our client about how we would reccommend proceeding with their dog's back/hip problem. We covered getting further, more in-depth imaging, surgically repairing it, and how to manage it medically, if they didn't want to spring for the more expensive option. Turns out that our group nailed it - our fictional client decided to try to manage it medically, with an MRI and surgery as a last resort. And our reccommendations for managing it medically were spot on!

I did screw up a bit yesterday. After our micro/cellular biology class, I forgot that I was supposed to get my 2nd rabies vaccine. I've emailed people, and hopefully I can schedule something to get it done at another time, but I'm kicking myself for spacing it. And it seems like it'd be so easy to space things. We have some things that happen every week no matter what, but things like working at the clinics, or some of our labs are constantly changing, and I'm always worried that I missed an email, or that I didn't copy something down correctly.

Anyway, I'm going to spend the weekend catching up on anatomy and histology. I also still need to buy rubber boots and coveralls for my large animal clinics, and a pair of paddock boots for my equine clinics. I'm also going to see if I can either download "The Girl who Played with Fire," or if I can get caught up enough, see if I can talk Tyler into driving down to Pasadena to see it in the theater.

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  1. Glad school is going well. Try not to stress too much; you're one of the most determined and intelligent people I know. The norwitch terrier bit made me laugh. :) Oh, and I started reading Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. I like it.