Friday, August 27, 2010

Damn horse case

So I figured since today was friday, we'd finally be told what the diagnosis on our horse case was for the week. It gave us some genetic info on his Dam, and then when we asked for a genetic test for the condition we thought we had, the case said "before being able to conclusively diagnose this horse, it was struck by lightning and died." Aargh! So frustrating, but I guess all our cases are based on real animals, so that's what actually happened with the horse in question.

I also went to that paleopathology talk today. It was really awesome. The pathologist who was presenting was talking about how she worked with Sue the T-Rex. I'm jealous.

I also got my required tan coveralls for when we do clinical skills at the ovine and bovine places. Tan coveralls just scream "put a ghostbusters patch on me" in my head. As tempting as it is, I don't think anybody would have a sense of humor about it. But really, why tan coveralls? Whats wrong with blue or green?

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