Saturday, August 7, 2010

Last couple days of orientation

Thursday brought another day of rah-rah teambuilding, forced dancing, and more free food. I already ranted enough about wednesday, so I don't need to anymore. I was a bit jealous when I found out that some classmates had been smart enough to play sick through the whole thing.

Friday started with university orientation - us, the dental, pharmacy, PT and master's students were all herded into a room where we sat through various presentations that applied to the whole school for a few hours.

We then had lunch with our big sibs. They gave us all boxes of goodies - a water bottle with the school's name (and purina's) on it, an ethicon kit for practicing tying sutures, an AVMA squishy donkey, and some other loot.

Lunch was followed by another practice PBL session, and we wrapped up the week.

Saturday I woke up early, picked up dad from his hotel, realized I left the tickets for the ceremonies at home, went back up to our house, grabbed tickets, waited in line to park at the convention center, then realized that dad's hotel was only 2 blocks away from the convention center. We were late, so we missed the beginning of the ceremony, but didn't really miss much. Sat through a bunch of speeches, then headed across town to the white coat ceremony.

The white coat ceremony is basically a ceremonial entrance into the profession. It stresses the importance of education, compassion, and the trust placed on you as a health professional. Each student walks across the stage, where a faculty member helps them into their white clinical jacket. After everybody is wearing their white coat, they recite a pledge to basically be the best student they can be. Pictures followed, then we went to the campus to get some bbq.

Tomorrow, I get to hang out in LA with dad, and prepare for Monday, when actual classes start.

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