Thursday, August 19, 2010

Hard not to be a bit paranoid...

A few days ago, when I was sitting at my front porch, a neighbor stopped by to chat. He mentioned that while I was in class, somebody in a red car had been at my house, and around back (looking for me?) I don't know. He was telling me this in very broken english, so I kind of brushed it off and didn't think anything about it.

Today when I was out front, a car pulled up behind mine, and a guy with long grey hair got out. He said he was with the neighborhood watch, and wanted to know if the name of the park across the street for me was X park. I said yes. He then asked if my landlord was Ms. X. I said yes. Then he snapped a picture of the front of my house, presumably getting Tyler and I in the frame, then drove off. WTF? It was creepy.

1 comment:

  1. Dude. I'd ask around the neighborhood and see if anyone has heard of this guy. Neighborhood watch or not, he sounds like a creeper.