Monday, August 6, 2012

If you live in a good neighborhood, you're missing out.

Not on anything good.  But on hooker screaming matches across the street.  Ahh, Pomona.

Classes started today.  Pretty much just talked about what to expect from third year and fourth year.  Apparently we don't even get to settle into 3rd before 4th starts stressing us out.  I did find out some good info about 4th year, though.  I knew we'd have two core classes (surgery and internal medicine) that are required.  I assumed they'd all be in SoCal.  Apparently, we can choose our geographic area a little.  The options are LA area, the surrounding counties, San Diego, SF bay area, or Arizona.  Never thought I'd be excited at the prospect of potentially getting to spend 2 months in Arizona, but I bet they don't have a problem with hooker fights in residential neighborhoods.

Oh, and know what cracked me up today?  Remember the huge rant a few months ago about our classmate, "Ginny Forest," who spent the last year constantly being late, skipping classes, and screwing half the class out of valuable time in the anatomy lab?  Guess who sauntered into class today, 30 minutes into class?  Somehow the other 100 people in our class managed to show up at the early hour of 1 pm, but not Ms. Forest.  I hope to all hell once our 3rd year rotations start, that our clinical preceptors call her on that shit.

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