Wednesday, August 29, 2012


I am not having a good week.

Modesto's sketchy.  One of my roommates went outside to talk on the phone, and some creepers pulled up and just stared at her, so she went inside the hotel, and finished her phone call in the laundry room.  Apparently, they followed her in there, so she's kind of unnerved out about the place.

I caught the cold people were passing around the last week in Nebraska.  I can't breath through my nose, and my face is raw from using the hotel's sandpaper-grade kleenex.

We had a call yesterday to work on some pet bulls, and did surgery on them for 2 hours in full sun.  I'm sunburned, and it took me hours after finishing yesterday to feel like I wasn't dying of heat stroke.

Dairy work involves early mornings.  Most days have been around 6-ish, but tomorrow I have to be there at 4:20.  That's earlier than I would go to sleep if left to my own devices.

Since dairy cows are packed so tightly compared to beef cattle, and fed high-energy diets, their shit is liquid, it's everywhere, and I've ended every day with conversations between me and my roommates about who got the worst shit splash that day.

I'm really trying to stay positive about this rotation.  I really like the vet I've been driving with.  He really cares about the welfare of the cows, and he likes to pepper me with tons of questions about cattle diseases.  It feels great when I can actually answer them, and I feel bad for frustrating him when I either don't know the answer, or am completely missing the point of the questions he's asking.  I'm just sleep deprived, and sick, and sick of poo, and I'm actually looking forward to equine at this point.

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