Friday, August 3, 2012

Summer's winding down

Only 2 more days of summer, then classes start.  It's been a good couple days.  Sarah's back!  I got to hang out with her for a little bit Wednesday.  Tyler, a classmate and I went to Universal Studios yesterday.  A couple classmates and I met up today to make large animal and equine study sheets, so we don't sound like dummies on rotations.  And I'm almost comfortable enough driving my new car at night, with Tyler in the car, to where I think I'll be ok driving it in traffic.  Did I mention I bought a stick shift when I don't drive stick?  I've always meant to learn, so I figured I'd give myself a reason to.

I'm not 100% sure what the blog will look like this year.  Since our rotations are private practice, and not university owned, I don't feel like I can speak as freely about what will go on there.  I sure won't be able to talk about any specific cases, without anonymizing the hell out of them, changing details. At that point, I'm not sure how much it will be worth the time and effort to do that.  I'll play it by ear, but if things start to get vague, that's why.

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