Friday, August 31, 2012

Interesting study session earlier today

We had today off, (hooray 3 day weekend!) and decided to go study somewhere other than our hotel room, since each hotel room has one chair/desk and two people.

First try - Ceres public library.  Closed on Fridays.  Second try - Modesto library.  Also closed on Fridays.  Ok, Starbucks it is.  We get drinks and pick a table.  There are 3 of us, and 4 chairs at our table.  At some point while we're typing, it got really busy, all the tables filled up, and this guy decided to randomly sit at our table.

Now, this wasn't just any guy.  This guy was definitely on something.  I don't think he was drunk, he wasn't wobbly, just incoherent and idiotic.  The three of us would be talking about something, and he would butt in with some moronic comment.  We were discussing the treatment and surgery of a cow we saw on Monday with a displaced abomasum, and this guy raises his voice, leans in, and yells "Maybe he has shingles!" and starts laughing hysterically.  We roll our eyes and continue to ignore him.   A couple times I glance over, and he's slumped over in his chair, passed out.  Then he'll startle awake, drink his coffee, and pretend to look at his ipad, even though the screen's not on.

At some point, his friend showed up, and even though at this point, all the other tables were empty, pulled up a chair and sat next to us.  Guy's fried says something about my tattoo.  I look at him, say "hmm," and go back to my laptop.  Drugged guy then starts saying "I'm getting a tattoo.  I'm getting a whale on my arm, for my mom.  She loves whales.  She's going to be so mad, since her religion doesn't allow tattoos." (Except not that coherent.) I look up at him and say "Well, then it's not really for your mom, then is it?" He doesn't get the hint that I'm poking fun at him and keeps talking.  Then falls asleep mid-sentence.  We leave while he's slumped over the table.

For some reason, we didn't quite get as much studying done today as hoped.  Stupid libraries being closed on Fridays.

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